Bild Ausstellung Energie-Motoren - Deutsches Museum, München

Leibniz Centre of Excellence for Museum Education

The goal of the Centre of Excellence for Museum Education is to jointly examine and advance visitor research and empirical educational research on museums as informal learning settings. To this end, museums and educational research institutions from all over Germany have joined forces in the Center of Excellence to discuss central questions and to answer them empirically. The current research fields of the network are visitor research, informal learning as well as perception and information processing. 

The video conference proceedings for the 3rd International Conference of the Leibniz Centre of Excellence for Museum Education
Museums as Social Institutions – Trust and Communities is now online.


The Centre was founded by the eight Leibniz Research Museums and the four educational research institutions of the Leibniz Association as well as the Formal and Informal Learning Group of the Technical University of Munich. It is open to all other partners, museums as well as researchers from the field of informal learning



Alexandra Busch (LEIZA)
Olaf Köller (IPN)
Lorenz Kampschulte (DM)


Siëlle Gramser (LEIZA)
Gun-Brit Thoma (IPN)