Leibniz Game App “twiddle – the museum riddle”

The app “twiddle – the museum riddle” was jointly developed jointly by the eight Leibniz Research Museums as part of the Leibniz Research Museums Aktionsplan with the theme “A World in Motion”. It is available in German and English and is aimed primarily at teenagers and young adults.

twiddle accompanies you on your visit to the eight Leibniz Research Museums. Solve exciting quests, make important decisions, find and create objects in each of the eight Leibniz research museums. As you make your way through the exhibitions, you will get different perspectives from the other museums. What does an old shipwreck from the Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven have to do with data theft or a dinosaur skeleton with technological progress? Find out by visiting the Leibniz research museums and playing twiddle directly on site. You can also try out twiddle at home with our Homequest.