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Evaluation and Research Reports / Gray Literature

Gray literature refers to materials such as scientific papers, documentation of small studies, final reports from projects, or similar documents that are not published through official channels such as a journal or book. Non-publication can be for a variety of reasons, but does not automatically mean that they are unreliable sources or inferior data. Rather, gray literature can be of high quality as well as contain valuable knowledge. It is therefore an important source of information. However, since grey literature is difficult to find or access, we want to provide grey literature such as evaluation reports from museums on this page so that this information can also be used by outsiders.

Since grey literature is not always fully scientifically documented, special care is required in its interpretation. To allow for easy consultation, each document is provided with a current contact person who can provide supplementary information and assist in classifying the data. In addition, some of the documents are also only available on request.