Conference 2021: Audience Development – Theory and Practice

2nd International Conference of the Centre of Excellence for Museum Education, November 9 & 10, 2021, digital event

Building on the first international conference “Interdisciplinary Research on Museums as Informal Learning Spaces – New Ways and Concepts” in 2019 and based on the results of visitor studies in the Leibniz research museums, two main themes were identified for the second international conference. The first focused on non-visitors to museums: who does not come to museums, and who from this target group can we still reach – and how? The second focused on socially disadvantaged and educationally disadvantaged groups and how museums can better reach and support them. The conference emphasized the interplay of theory and practice in both topics. Sessions were designed to provide theoretical input, e.g. through a keynote or short presentations, followed by case studies from museum practice presented in smaller breakout sessions.

The full conference programme with an overview of all of the speakers, sessions and background information can be found in the conference booklet 2021. Instead of the more traditional conference proceedings, you will find a video collection of conference contributions below. Links to videos are preceded by brief introductions to each speaker and topic.


Day1: Non-Visitors/Missing Visitors

 2021 Conference, Day 1, Part I: Keynote and Short Talks

 2021 Conference, Day 1, Part II: Explorations in Practice (Simultaneous Break-Out-Sessions)

Day 2: Underserved/Under-represented Communities

 2021 Conference, Day 2, Part I: Keynote and Short Talks

 2021 Conference, Day 2, Part II: Explorations in Practice (Simultaneous Break-Out-Sessions)